Freedom of Speech: American Style
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Submission Guidelines

All caring people who are knowledgeable about China: Please write to our mainstream media when you identify material containing prejudice against the Chinese Americans, unfair China bashing, or other issues pertinent to the misconception of the Chinese heritage.

Please include the following items in your work:

1) Url, if any, that links to the article if the article is on the Internet.

2) The original article in text, its date, and names of the media source and author.

3) Your rebuttal letter.

We also welcome articles of observation on our media's selective coverage.

Example 1:

"When Wen Ho Lee was incarcerated in humiliating shackles, our mainstream media did not put that information in their reports.  Wen Ho Lee was disallowed to speak to his family in Chinese--his first language between him and his family members.  Our mainst"ream presses were mostly mum.  Only overseas Chinese newspapers such as the World Journal reported full details.

In contrast to this, in the cases of Gau, Wang Dan, the angle of their family situation is featured on prominent newspapers."

Example 2:

"Upon a search on Yahoo, several AP articles existed about the Dalai Lama's visit to Taiwan.

Our mainstream newspapers chose to publish an AP article that gave extensive description of how the Dalai Lama met with pro-Taiwan independence politicians.

None of our major newspapers printed another AP article which gave an account of an anti-Dalai Lama protest held by pro-unification people in Taiwan."

When you discover similar cases, please forward us your observations complete with both articles if possible. So that we can publish the full report.

Our goal is to track how our mainstream media shapes public perception with partial coverage, which amounts to a more sophisticated form of censorship.

An important point:  Please also let us know of any positive experiences, to keep our survey fair.

Let's all try to send a strong voice to our media.  If the media demonstrates a high degree of ignorance, let's help the public realize that a revolt against the mainstream media is in order.

Internet is our last hope in combating our mainstream media.
Please send records of your attempts to

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you very much.