Freedom of Speech: American Style
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Pearl Harbor Preview Raises Alarm

CAMW:  We reserve our rating of Pearl Harbor until we see the full feature.

A friend of mine wrote me:

> With a soon to be released film about Pearl Harbor on Memorial Day, all
> Asian Americans are in for a tougher time.

I saw the preview of Pearl Harbor while watching "Brother Where Art Thou".  It struck me that it's "beautiful movie" about a white America being attacked.  When the Japanese airplane swooned over the sky, you see a beautiful shot complete with somber background music, and a chubby little white boy standing in a green valley looks up with fear and puzzlement.  I thought to myself, how unrealistic this is.  Hawaii had a majority of Asian American people.  It was one reason the Japanese Americans in Hawaii were never were interned.

Then the preview cuts to a white woman trying to remain composed in a panic crowd.  The shot was fuzzy.  I tried to search for an Asian American in that crowd, but could not find one.  Then the preview cuts to an African American solider.  Wow.  We see the new Hollywood.

There was one shot of Asian faces.  Of zealot-like  Japanese men wrapping white bandanas around their foreheads, ready to attack America.  Next we see a little white boy shaking in the Hawaiian field.

For a movie based in Hawaii, it is amazing to see the lack of Asian American characters in the preview.  I hope the movie isn't as devoid of Asian American faces as this preview.