Freedom of Speech: American Style
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Why we must criticize our own government
Bevin Chu

Self-respecting individuals of any ethnic background need to realize that if one acquiesces to such government inflicted injustice one is not doing ones' country any favors.  That is, unless one actually believes that allowing ones' government to bully foreigners is "patriotic" and somehow "good for one's country."

Only moral conduct can benefit ones' country. Immoral conduct can only HARM one's country.  Good Germans during the 1930s could have saved Germany from eventual disaster if only they had protested the German government's mistreatment of Jews earlier.  Unconditionally supporting the German government was bad, even for "Aryan" Germans.

It's especially intolerable if ones' own government is posturing as a champion of "universal rights" all over the planet, while trampling over the rights of ethnic minorities at home.  Cincinnati cops just gunned down yet another unarmed black motorist in cold blood.  So much for US government concern for "human rights violations."