Freedom of Speech: American Style
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International Scene
CAMW: These posts are from a BBC discussion forum about whether China will be a superpower.  Here is one from another country: Columbia.

"I've noticed that many regard China as an 'evil dictatorship' and how everyone hails the US as the harbinger of 'freedom, equality and fraternity'. Most US citizens believe, almost dogmatically, how 'good' the US is and how 'bad' other countries are, looking not into the perception of others regarding the US and its allies. As someone said before, state the last time that China sent its troops to some other foreign country to invade it. The difference between China and the US doesn't lie in how democratic either country is, but in the respect and value that China gives to sovereignty and the disregard for the latter that the US constantly displays with the reluctance to cease its 'spy raids' in foreign (so-called 'international') airspace. Sebastian Arboleda, Bogota, Colmbia"

Here is another:
"... let me tell you about this "Chinese dictatorship" propaganda that most of Americans have posted over here. It is my challenge to them that if they ever step out of American soil they'll realize that more than half the world thinks otherwise. So please try thinking beyond the propaganda most American media feed into your brains! Bilal, Canada"

CAMW: There are intelligent Americans who see the truth.  People like Lew Rockwell, the staff of, and many others do see the truth.